33 thoughts on “Why Indians should NOT study Engineering | Stand-up comedy by Manoj Prabakar

  1. Hahah… the last punch line though..Was hilarious and somewhat made me proud as well
    Andhra students will come and fill up the seats

  2. Now a days stand up comedy is making ur self a fool in front of everyone and every one will enjoy it by rolling on the floor

  3. Made me realise : we ve lost focus! Loosing good resources into unrelated jobs, loosing good core subject course admissions to competitive people, loosing good innovations in all round industries! No leadership n no parents putting their mind into this serious issues! END of the day we continue to import buy ridiculous technology n tech products at ridiculously high prices! Govt shud ban large scale placements of chemical engineer from IT, mbbs grads from electronic companies, construction engineers as doctors, etc

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