33 thoughts on “What 3 Years of Using Yoni Detox Pearls Did To Me!

  1. hi dear , im suffering from endometriosis , do you think it can help this Yoni Pearls? look forward to hear from you ! Bless ya

  2. Ok. So My question for you is… what exactly is in these Yoni Pearls? They say it’s suppose to be herbal pearls. But, did you open the pearl and check it under a microscope personally to say it is indeed natural herbs! Or you just flat out took the word of a stranger running a company and brought it??! Puzzled!! You say your education… and I’m glad you pursued your education!! But, women have to be very careful as you say “ What you insert into our bodies!! “ What if what's inside these pearls cause cervical cancer or something!! We have to be very careful as women. Doing research just by watching other videos is not enough. Find a video that opened these pearls and researched the content inside first before using please ladies!!!

  3. You all just need to be careful about what herbs are going in your yoni, where they come from, and how they are mixed. Herbs aren't a joke that just anyone can throw together and cure things and make medicine. It is a skill and a practice that most be honed and learned. Even experienced herbalists still make mistakes, so please double check ingredient lists etc before internalizing random herbs from excited people on YT, FB and IG

  4. you can’t be smart if you ever consider doing this…..smh people really do anything& engage in anything they see.

  5. Thank you for this review I will be starting my womb cleans soon as I place my order wish me luck peace love & light!

  6. Funny how folks say don't ever put anything like up there…. Yet they use tampons and unnatural things up there!!
    I'm going to only put herbs up there. I stopped using tampons awhile ago.

  7. But why cant you use the pearls on your period??? What if you just have normal vaginal bleeding everyday???? Please help me with this ive been looking all over but cant find an answer i just want to know I could still use the pearl

  8. I'm so scared to use these. I've had over 20 surgeries due to Endo, PCO and a bladder disease. I went through IVF unsuccessfully and lost two babies. I'm currently riddled with Endo again, left ovary is completely stuck down. Don't know what to do? Try this? More surgery?

  9. I never did yoni but fasting, juicing, vegetarian diet, herbs, colon and parasite cleansing herbs worked for me. Along with abstinence.

  10. Omg no offense but you took sooo long to get to the point I had forgot what the video was for. Good review but just too much in between.

  11. Would the yoni pears stop me from bleeding I came on my period last year thinking it was gonnabe normal I never went off my period just went off because my doctor gave me a depo shot to make my period go off

  12. Nothing. They did absolutely nothing to you, other than lighten your wallet. The vagina is a self cleaning organ. These products are a scam. If you don't like the way your body reacts your partner, use condoms. Eat a healthy diet, exercise, and wear cotton underwear.

  13. This was annoyingly dragged on. Also the title makes it seem like you would of been talking about a list of things you noticed. Clearing BV is already a thing a lot of people notice goes away.

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