Secret Underground City of Ellora Caves - Ancient Aliens In India?

Secret Underground City of Ellora Caves – Ancient Aliens In India?

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We are at Ellora caves in India, and I am going to show you some solid evidence about a secret underground area that is hidden under these caves. As you can see, there is a rectangular tunnel about 1 foot wide that is vertically going down, and is not open for public access. I asked the security guards if I could take a closer look and they told me that visitors are not allowed but they also told me that, this tunnel is over 40 feet deep and then it takes a right angle turn to proceed underground. Nobody knows what’s inside after that because the tunnel becomes too narrow for human beings to get through it.
Here is another one that is hiding in plain sight. You can see a channel on the ground and there is a small rectangular opening at the end of this passage that would drain the water to the other side of the temple. But, I went to the other side of this rock but guess what? It is a solid stone!! So, there is no other way, except that this rectangular opening leads to the underground. Notice that the rectangular opening is only large enough for a 10 year old to go in? Since adult human beings can’t access it, was it designed for human beings at all?

This is another hidden passage in Ellora caves that I tried to get through, but after 10 feet, it becomes so narrow that I can’t go any further. Where do these mysterious tunnels lead? Who could have used such narrow passages? The other important question is: how can you carve such narrow passages if human beings cannot even get through them? Was it carved by humans at all? Were these carved for extraterrestrials that are smaller than human beings?

Notice how this entrance is clearly going underground, in this cave temple. These are underground areas hiding in plain sight. The security guards told me that there are several underground tunnels in Ellora caves which gradually become too narrow for human beings to access them, and all of them are locked. From these old doors, we can assume that these tunnels have been closed from public access at least 30 to 40 years ago.

These underground tunnels are not found in the same area, but are scattered over many different caves in Ellora, which stretches across a few miles. Is it possible that there could be a vast underground city like Derinkuyu in Turkey? Derinkuyu is an enormous underground city with advanced technical features that could accommodate more than 20,000 people, which was hidden for centuries only to be discovered in 1965.

If it is true that there is a vast underground city in Ellora, shouldn’t there be ventilation shafts that would allow air from the ground to reach below. In Derinkuyu, there are thousands of holes drilled from the ground that act as ventilation shafts to the underground city. Look at this long ventilation shaft in Ellora caves that is drilled secretly in a dark chamber. It is about 4 inches wide, but it is so deep that we can’t even see the other end. Could this be a ventilation shaft that reaches the underground city?

How about this ventilation shaft, which is also going underground? You can also see hundreds of holes like this drilled on the rock floor. Some of them are unfinished, and only few inches deep, but notice how the other holes have been closed with concrete recently. I asked why some of these holes have been closed and my tour guide told me that someone dropped their car keys into one of them, but these holes are so deep that they couldn’t retrieve it. So, they just covered these holes by putting concrete over them.

What else could be the purpose of these deep holes on the floor, if they are not ventilation shafts? Why would hundreds of holes be drilled on these rock floors with painstaking efforts without any reason? Now, this is one of the abandoned, bat infested places and let’s take a look at what’s inside. This seems like a very old sanctum holding a lingam, which is a Hindu god. Centuries ago, plenty of water would be poured on this lingam everyday as part of religious worship, and it would drain through this channel. Notice that this water drain has been closed recently with some rocks. Where would the water go? Let’s see…It would go vertically down through this tunnel.

Unless there is an area underground, this would be pointless because the water would just overflow all over the place! All over Ellora caves, there are hundreds of idols which would require thousands of gallons of water poured on them every day. Was this a technique to get clean water underground that could be used for different purposes?

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18 thoughts on “Secret Underground City of Ellora Caves – Ancient Aliens In India?

  1. Elora caves I saw many time..I like that place…! I saw one video…ufo ship was there on top of elora caves..I believe..nice video…! Ajanta is also nice placen and Aliens temple was in Ajanta caves..some caves r closed..y closed don't know about it…my city n Ajanta caves distance only 2 hours…we always go there in holidays n for view point…

  2. Is it possible they used some powerful liquid like acid( which can burn the stones) and the people at that time know effectively how to use it for architectural purpose..

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  4. Hi Praveen, enjoy your take. It's always intreging. We seem to have lost total connection with ancient civilization. Connecting the dots to the mud flood which happened somewhere in the recent past. There is a talk and evidence of a greater civilization living on Earth before us. Thank you for your amazing eye.

  5. Wow such great study about Ellora caves in India…
    I m also think now this and I 'll study in this …
    And I 'll let you know…
    Before lots of year ago so many things happend in Ellora…but we don't no too much about this …
    Hope I 'll find out bcz I m stay in Mumbai in India…so it's easy to go so many times in Ellora caves for study …thanks alot

  6. a number of unanswered questions which need to be investigated by the ASI of Govt. of India…..these guys are not interested in bringing out the glorious cultural and architectural excellence of this great country….Prakash Mohan is doing a great service to this country…I salute his efforts and his patience and persistence

  7. Man has hidden many truths from our past and i ask could we be the last of the Nephilim ? The question I think is fair considering so many continents have similar stories then just stops leaving so many questions about humanity under these giants who fell to earth once upon a time.
    Thanks for reading it's just my opinion and of course a search for answers.

  8. Bonjour Merci beaucoup pour la vidéo..
    Je suis de France et je découvre ta chaîne.
    Il est trous qu'on voit au sol ça peut servir de ventilation et de moyens de communication.
    très intéressant merci. Désolé je parle pas anglais

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