Meet youngest US woman on death row (FULL VERSION) | A Hidden America with Diane Sawyer PART 4/6

Meet youngest US woman on death row (FULL VERSION) | A Hidden America with Diane Sawyer PART 4/6

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“Hidden America: Nation of Women Behind Bars” Act 4: Convicted of murder, Emilia Carr, 30, is imprisoned at Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, Florida. [Original Air Date 2/27/2015]


46 thoughts on “Meet youngest US woman on death row (FULL VERSION) | A Hidden America with Diane Sawyer PART 4/6

  1. Their ain't no hope for you stupid bitches. You took someones life! You shouldn't even get the death penalty fer real you should just sit in prison till you die of natural causes. Death is the easy way out. Let them think what pieces of shit they are and mentally break those two down! My boyfriend was murdered on March 2 ND 2018 right in front of me and you have no idea how fucked up my mind is now and how much pain and despair I've been through. I know have PTSD and flashbacks of that day and it completely destroyed my life.

  2. As a woman who’s the same age as these women, I will emphasize how important it is to take firm control of your life no matter how difficult it can be. These two women had no self restraint and exercised very poor judgment. I understand that coming from unstable households or dealing with past traumatic experiences often leads women and men to get involved with the lowest individuals who have zero regard for humanity. I’ve observed how love can drive a person off the edge. Nonetheless, you are 100% responsible for your actions knowing how unfair the system can be. No excuses. no empthany for these women, sorry.

  3. I think they’re both sick and all, but why the heck did Emelia’s boyfriend get off? So what you get a great attorney, doesn’t matter! You killed someone. Kill them get killed. That’s it.

  4. These people deserve their fate. No mercy. I hear them blame other factors rather than waive the truth. Shot them full of fentinal and be done with it

  5. I'm less interested in the psychology of these women than I am the psychology of the people commenting here. It's amazing to me how easy it is for someone to talk about another person as trash just because they did something heinous. It's as if somehow the people commenting think that they are so morally or intellectually Superior that they would never make the same choice.

    I didn't hear these women make excuses about being abused or choosing the wrong man or being on drugs somehow explaining away their crimes. What I heard is an interview and a reporter describing the myriad of complicated circumstances that lead up to one of the most unthinkable choices that most of us would never make. I think when I was 20 I might have been judging these women just as harshly but as I've aged I've had experiences and had to also make choices that I never expected to have placed in my hands. I find it impossible to think that I would bury a person alive or I would put duct tape over someone's mouth. But then again I've never been on drugs, was not abused as a child, and to my knowledge I'm not living with mental instability right now. I don't think that highlights the need for these women to be exonerated. They were found guilty. I think what this whole story highlights is it there is more gray than black and white in life … And that our criminal justice system includes a broken assumption that the death penalty will somehow deter crimes of murder. Actually all it does is provide the ultimate disposal of sick people who also had the misfortune of not being born wealthy. We've seen this with abundance every year and turned our heads while people like Casey Anthony literally get away with throwing their baby in a trash bag and a trunk. The general Unwritten rule of thumb is that if you're white, we'll see, or photogenic you have a better chance I was being tried for murder and getting off. If you're poor, a minority, or if nature give you the misfortune a falling below a certain intelligence marker… you better get your things in order and Say Goodbye to Freedom. It's not that we feel comfortable putting murderers on death row. It's that we feel comfortable putting the select few on death row, ponds that give us the illusion we are somehow safer. The truth is that the white middle-class guy with a job living next door to me is statistically more likely to murder me in my own home than the vast majority of people sitting on death row currently.

  6. Wow 40 percent of women , those woman on death row are not guilty ,but ensnared by evil ones.Jesus Christ is Lord.devil always is looking for a patsee .

  7. These women seem to find this funny? it looks like they are trying not to laugh yet saying they are "different people". Total psychopaths. WOW. Scary there are people like this in the world.

  8. Female murderers are shown on tv because they fascinate people. Female criminals are generally rare since crime is an anti social behavior and women tend to be more social than men and because of that far less likely to commit crime

  9. The justice system is terrible and there’s no such thing as it to be honest because the government lets sex offenders go

  10. Jesus Christ is Lord he loves you he lives and he is coming. Be baptised in Jesus Christ name into the kingdom of God for he loves you and wants you to be saved. The mark of the beast is the RFID chip implant and they will try to use force just call Jesus Christ and he will save you for he loves you. Pope Francis is the anti Christ. Jesus Christ is Lord he loves you and he is coming

  11. ok but why did the women get death row and her boyfriend who was the one who killed his wife only get life in prison…?

  12. Why do these people find themselves after they're convicted of murder they find god and peace what a load of shite

  13. Criminals (particularly white ones) love to make up stories about abuse in their childhood to justify their crimes. Lots of people have been brutally abused as children and grow up to lead fulfilling, crime-free lives. They deserve the needle.

  14. Death row? Good and i am happy that it exists. Some motherfuckers out there dont even deserve to live if they think they can take lives away just because their dick/vagina doesnt get juice otherwise. Fuck them, kill them, period. And no, if a woman has no fucking brains to just say "no" and instead is "pressured" by a dude to kill, then thats no fucking excuse. I dont care if she loved him, wanted to suck his dick so bad or whatever. This is the problem with emotional shit and trying to justify the shitty actions of women because they deserve the "vagina-bonus". Fuck off.
    However, these two……………………in the case of Carr, she is not on death row anymore, she went down to life in prison without parole. Since she was the one that killed Heather Strong (not by breaking her neck like she planned but for suffocating her to death), its fair.
    Tiffany Cole still is (or rather was at this point) in death row BUT i dont agree that she should. Sure, she was an accomplice and Jackson (her boyfriend at the time) was supposedly the one who started planing and for her planned robbery, kiddnaping and even killing, she should be in prison. BUT, death row? Dont know, since both assaulted were buried alive, maybe that is the main reason why she is getting the death row (like Jackson and Wade) but in the end, life in prison without parole would suffice i guess.
    But in the end, outside of Nixon (who was an accomplice and was the one that confessed and got 45 years for it from the start), Cole, Jackson and Wade (Wade being the fourth one) seemingly got their death sentences revoked (since the jurors did not agree unanimously on their death sentence, yes all three got the death sentence back then) and are now awaiting a new trail as of 2017…………..we have 2019 now and maybe they've got their trail and are now for life in prison without parole.

  15. Here's my rule of life: women are never guilty of anything and they are always right. Use it, and your life will be more peaceful.

  16. There is forgiveness and there is hope. But don't ever think for one second that that forgiveness and hope replaces justice. Family members of your victims may forgive you and they may have hope to move on but you will still be strapped to a gurney and a drug injected into your veins and your life will end. That, young lady, is death row.

  17. I found it strange how when the interviewer asked the second girl about the duct tape she automatically turned to the first girl for permission to say something.

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