22 thoughts on “Measuring Wheel Bolt Pattern & Types of Lug Nuts

  1. Could anyone help me out with this questions? If I have a car with M14 x 1.5 Thread Size will it fit a wheel that came off a car with M12 x 1.25?

  2. The wrong nuts can kill you! Friend of mine bought used pickup with aftermarket wheels and drove for 6 months before his rt.frt. wheel fell off while passing a car while towing a boat.The lug nuts he thought were tight were bottoming out on back of stud and not clamping wheel shearing all the studs off.Luckily he just went into a front yard with boat and nobody hurt.

  3. I have a 2000 acura tl.. I am looking to purchase aftermarket lug nuts but i have stock rims i have read that it isnt good to do that what can i do if i want to keep my stock rims but have diff color lug nuts or how do i find the right lugs for my specific rims?

  4. I bought a pair of Dorman 711-225 lug nut lock set (1/2 20).
    On the rear, they fit fine but on the front tires they are too short and I can't tighten the wheel down all the way as the threading goes through the middle and hits the key preventing me from locking it down. Any recommendations on what to do?

  5. Hi which one would you recommend for Infiniti G35 Rays 19 inch rims OEM wheels came of 2005 coupe. Some say acorn seat some says conical seat. ?

  6. Just purchased 18" enkei EDR9 wheels and was wondering what lug nuts to use on my 2006 eclipse gt?
    My muteki sr48 lug nuts seems to be too thick to fit in the lug nut hole of the rim.

  7. Subtitle blocks the lug nuts size. BTW, I bought a new rims for 14 mustang and my stock doesn't fit. I think its 1/2 20. may I know what type of lug nuts I need? will skim one fit?

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