20 thoughts on “Jason McIntyre: Colts’ impressive playoff run will end against Chiefs | THE HERD

  1. Well, it's kind of accurate. TY didn't have an exact 75 yard, or 100 yard receiving game on the road. Of course, he did have a 199 yard game etc etc.. lol . What a tool

  2. Colts went into Denver in 2014 playoffs and beat them 24-13 in the cold. Stop with the dome team BS. Colts win 31-27

  3. How hasn't the colts faced any good offenses when we shut Dak and the cowboys whom y'all picked going to the NFC championship out 23-0

  4. Who is this jason mcintyre cuck anyways? So because he is wearing a cheap suit we should listen to him? I'm confused.

  5. TY has had over 75 yards in 4/7 of the road games he played in, including a 200 yard game in Houston. Wtf is this guy talking about

  6. I've owned a lot of trucks. Because of that ridiculous tailgate commercial, there will never be another GMC. Just saying.

  7. Surprised they brought him back on after he claimed the ravens were gonna blow the chargers out lmao this guy is a clown

  8. lol Pats losing against a loaded chargers roster and the dynasty is over???
    What the fuck you expect every year a Superbowl?

  9. This midget Dumbass never played football a day in his life so you are a complete idiot to think that the Chiefs will win this game in a bad situation or with bad weather they can't throw the ball all over the field in bad weather it will lead to turnovers and interceptions you have to be able to control the line of scrimmage and run the ball anyone who plays football knows this only an idiot thinks there's going to be a shootout when it's fucking snow on the ground!!!

  10. Wth is Mcintyre saying? Ty had a 199 yard game vs the Texans this year on the road. He also had an 85 yard game in the wildcard game against the Texans. 83 yards against Redskins on the road. He also missed the 2 road games against Patriots and Jets to injury. Add that the Colts didn't need to use TY in that raiders game much because they were running the football all day against them

  11. Huh? “TY doesnt have a 100 yard game on the road? Doesnt have 75 yard game on the road? FOH!

    @washington 83 yds
    @jacksonville 77 yds
    @houston 199 yds
    @houston 85 yds

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