Indiana Gregg - For Life

Indiana Gregg – For Life

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Woman at Work from 2007 is Indiana’s debut album.

2.”Sweet Things”
3.”Something Like Me”
4.”Love Is Blind”
5.”Oh Me Oh My”
6.”How Many Tears”
7.”Crazy Crazy Crazy”
8.”Groovy Kinda Wonderful”
9.”Coming Around Again”
10.”For Life”
11.”Kiss Me All Night”
12.”Kid Soldier”
13.”Heaven Too Long”
14. One of Us

This video turned out to be a a small tribute to my two closest friends!
I love you! =)

Thanx Indy for the great music!!

(Music is used with permission from the composer)

5 thoughts on “Indiana Gregg – For Life

  1. It´s a fine text in this song and a good singer. I´m from from och stropp. I sing of the life too, you can enjoy me att BorgCarina:-)

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