I paid him $10,000 per hour! - Texas Barndominiums Episode 69

I paid him $10,000 per hour! – Texas Barndominiums Episode 69

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I had a student ask about scholarship program in our company. We don’t have a scholarship program but I still decided to pay him $10,000 per hour for his time.


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20 thoughts on “I paid him $10,000 per hour! – Texas Barndominiums Episode 69

  1. I am 33 years old and my mom is still pressuring me to take on more debt. You guys need a better car a bigger house. My parents make $160k+ a year and can't save $1k to start Dave Ramsey's baby step number 1.

  2. I wish my kid could borrow some of that kids initiative. He doesn’t expect any handouts. He is smart though, and if anyone asks for anything, he will stop what he is doing and help however he can to the best of his ability. Maybe it’s just the whole 17 yr old kid thing.

    That was a good and generous thing you did for that kid. I hope he remembers that and lets it guide him throughout his life.

  3. I'm with you. I've worked hard for everything and paid for my own schooling w/o scholarships and have NO debt. I'm now remodeling a wreck of a trailer and doing most of it myself. I've done remodeling jobs on the homes I've had over the years and still learn as I go with new things. I wish your company was here in AZ. I'd volunteer with your company just to learn more. So glad your company is a success. I can tell you are a good moral person and sure you are doing what you do to make money. But I'm sure you also do what you can to help your customers out and make them happy. Regards.

  4. I agree 1000% on this. I was going to a university (NMSU) for engineering and my scholarships paid almost everything (paid off the rest) now I'm going to a junior collage and having close to 13k per year in my pocket after books and tuition in a 3-4 year dential program and will have around to 40k in mt pocket from school to buy land and build a 800 sq ft off the grid home (gonna build the home with my father in law) and have a career helping people that pays really well. In my experince university's are a scam and most colleges are I was raised by my grandfather who was a pipeline and that old man knows way more than any of my professors. All of my family is like that, so my advice is good luck to the soon to be college student and I hope he does his best to stay outta debt!!!!

  5. hopefully he will pay it forward to someone crosses path with later in life, for a minute there I thought you were giving him $10k!

  6. Good man, I knew you were that kind of man by the way you conduct business and by the team you have around you. There’s a reason why you’re successful, off this video alone that reason doesn’t have to be explained.

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