3 thoughts on “Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0 TV Commercial

  1. without it, i can't afford to see my oncologist. oh wait, requirements for single hoosiers are insanely low and its nearly impossible for s working adult to qualify. that being said, obama care is a joke, and completly outside of my price range. thanks pence, for all the help. guess i'll just pay the fine for being too poor to afford insurance, but too rich to qualify for help, and hope the cancer doesnt cone back. #affordablecare act is a joke

  2. I like HIP 2.0 but I got a letter saying "Welcome to …". You should of had a choice of choosing which plan to choose in the first letter. Instead I had to call and switch. Then I out of mail and I get the wrong statements from the first agency. Again I call and said to pay no mind to then. I don't get any email or mail from the 2nd agency. And, just a month ago it's all straitened out. Also, in the Welcome letter it should of told me to call to choice a doctor; witch it did not. I know you can do better about having more detail for new people to HIP 2.0. I was first applying under disability but only can have 2,000 a month. Come on how can people live on that. I'm glad I have something for retirement. You guys should have a survey so we can tell you how to improve your system.

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