Dunes State Park Chesterton, Indiana

Dunes State Park Chesterton, Indiana

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Indiana Dunes consists of 2,182 acres of primitive, beautiful, historic and unique Hoosier landscape. It lies at the north end of State Road 49 in Porter County, and includes more than three miles of beautiful beach along Lake Michigan’s southern shore. In the early 1900s scientists, recreationists and nature enthusiasts, recognizing the value and potential of the Indiana dunes area, fought to have the region preserved. As a result, in 1925, the state park was established.

Large sand dunes, located beyond the entire shoreline, have taken thousands of years to form, and tower nearly 200 feet above Lake Michigan. A wide range of habitats and plant species are found in the park, with vegetation stabilizing some of the sand. These habitats provide homes for many types of plants and animals. The lake also provides habitat for many aquatic species, as well as a constantly changing fishery.

During the summer, swimming hours may change because of weather and staffing. Please contact the property office for exact times before your visit.

Today, the Town of Chesterton, Indiana has a population of 13,000 – not to mention the seasonal influx of millions of tourists who visit our area every year. We’re known regionally as an artistic community, and visitors come from all over to take in our art galleries, historical sites, antique shops, annual festivals and much, much more.

Outdoor Recreation
But it’s more than tourist attractions that make Chesterton a prime destination for visitors, residents and businesses. Our ecological diversity has lead to the development of wonders such as the Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve, many beautiful parks and the newly constructed Prairie-Duneland hiking and biking trail.
Amphitheater at a park
Our drive to develop green initiatives has also resulted in creation of a neo-traditional community, Coffee Creek Center – hailed as one of the world’s most innovative planned communities.

Small Town Living / City Opportunities
Tucked into the shadow of Indiana Dunes yet a mere 45 minutes away from Chicago, Chesterton combines the hospitality and serenity of small town living with the economic viability and cultural opportunities of a world-class city.

It’s not hard to see why Chesterton continues to gain international attention as one of the best places in North America to live, work and play.


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