Don't miss these huge blackhead extractions in "The Fireman"

Don’t miss these huge blackhead extractions in “The Fireman”

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Christmas doesn’t come every day!!

This gentleman came to see me just a couple weeks ago, referred by a internist because he has a skin cancer, a basal cell carcinoma, on his chest that he needs to have removed completely. He is quite a character, and I couldn’t help but notice that he has a lot of sun damage, and many comedones (blackheads and whiteheads). He used to be a fireman (I think in Indiana), one of his many jobs in his life, and he was raised on a farm. The years of sun exposure and also exposure to soot from fires, have likely caused him to develop quite a few blackheads and whiteheads. He doesn’t like them, and has tried to squeeze them out, but hasn’t even very successful.
As we were finishing up our visit, I decided I would ask him whether he knew he had a lot of blackheads on his face, and whether he would like me to remove them? His response was great: “I would walk through a wall of fire if you could do that for me!” Always amazes me how interested my patients are in me getting rid of such things. Makes it all worthwhile!

I realize I didn’t extract all of his blackheads, but he is a work in progress! We will be seeing him at least two more times and will do further blackhead extractions.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, spending it with people you love. And I hope some of them are popaholics like you! I bet some of them don’t even know they are popaholics and this may be their first video to convert them!

Thank you so much for watching! Merry Christmas!!

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39 thoughts on “Don’t miss these huge blackhead extractions in “The Fireman”

  1. I've been watching your videos and by watching your videos I bought myself some pimple and blackhead tools online yesterday. Watching you do this makes me want to do this

  2. He says that's terrible or disgusting. Her reply is no, that tells me you lived a good life.
    She does a wonderful job with connecting to her patients.

  3. I wish Dr. Lee would use another way of extracting that doesn't damage the skin at much and that ensures the pore is totally empty

  4. Y'all should use that 'porn star moniker creator' equation for patients. Mine is 'ChiChi-Bean Marshall'. First name is your first pet's name, second name is the first street you grew up on.

  5. And when you do assist the extraction you use a scalpel and make a laceration when you could just use a needle to go directly into the poor.

  6. It drives me crazy that you use that comedone extractor for every single blackhead. Even the ones that are over deep soft tissue like the neck and even when the blackhead I'd many times larger than the opening. You leave so much material behind and cause so much needles trauma to the skin.

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