15 thoughts on “Do you think Andy Reid’s Chiefs will choke again? | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF 01/11/2019

  1. These guys forget about going full Reid u know poor clock management bad with time outs and just a drop in play calling

  2. The Colts are on a Hot streak right Now playing good sound ball, The Chiefs haven't really been the same since losing Kareem Hunt. I like the Colts to win this but it will be close Colts by 10.

  3. Withlock should be ashamed of himself! I remembered I use to read his articles in The Star. Now he's just gone Hollywood and don't know how to separate his feelings from the facts! The only team that beat the Chiefs at home was the Chargers! Are we saying the Colts are as good or better???? Just Relax!!! The Chiefs have only given up 18pts average at home and encompass the scoring of 40 pts average is a recipe of AFC Championship!

  4. If, and I say IF the Chiefs win, they will beat whoever comes to town for the championship. They would be fired up after beating Indy. That being said…. I doubt it happens. I know my Chiefs too well. Different roster, same results. Every time. 🙁

  5. The reason the Chiefs have the most sacks in the NFL because most teams are playing catch up for the whole entire game which means more passing opportunity. And Marcellus keeps talking shit about an outdoor record does his stupid ass realize Luck lost to the Ravens his rookie year to a Baltimore team that won the super bowl and another loss came to the Patriots in Foxborough which I checked last time nobody wins there fa real in the postseason especially as undermanned as the Colts were 3-4 years ago. Chiefs can win this games but with all this disrespect ppl keep throwing Indy's way I love my Colts chances now.

  6. In the playoffs, they let the D play more than during the season. It's still Defenses that win championships. Case in point, Clemson n Monday night. What did they do? Oh, they only gave up 16 points and blanked Bama in the second half and that's college, where it's even more of an offensive game. Colts are the better team, with the better defense and the better QB. I don't care what the stats say for Mahomes, he's not a better QB than Andrew Luck at this point. Sorry.

  7. Colts have the best Offensive line in the game right now and the "most sacks" stats is padded because almost every team has been forced to throw more than they wanted to. This will not only not happen against the Colts, but the Colts are built to be able to throw the ball more if they have to. Colts are going to win. I was saying this last week before they even played the Texans.

  8. If we run the ball we will be fine. If the defense can hold luck under 300 yds and Marlon Mack under 100 we can't lose.

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