25 thoughts on “Bear Grylls Sahara Quicksand

  1. When he says pull your leg up slowly I think he means horizontally not vertically. And then monkey crawl out after the soles of your feet surface

  2. I've done the same thing in the swamp logging if I wouldn't have had the skidder there to pull myself up I don't know that I would've been able to I thought it was going to pull my shoes and pants off.

  3. How to help someone stuck in quick sand or mud slide or mud swamp or other material that collapse caved in

    IMMEDIATELY GRAB something strong and firm like tree and extend your feet to person stuck in quick sand.
    Let person in quick sand grab your feet then WRAP your feet around WAIST of person stuck like monkey tail wraps around feet

    Start to pull towards tree or strong material using your hands and ALL THE TIME KEEP YOUR FEET WRAPPED around waist of stuck person.

  4. lean his torso forward and crawl forward to get his body in a horizontal position. that's what he did. Not pulling straight up. For all you ignorant people

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